środa, 4 marca 2015

Nothing New

Once, I told my friend that he shoud stop writting if he has nothing special/personal/new to say. If he feels that all had been told and done before. If he feels that there is nothing new in this world. Nothing untold...

I am usually quite strict when talking to him. I don't know why, but I feel like beeing straightforward makes me more easier to understand. That harsh straightforwardness is something I am not usually expressing... I am aware that some people like white lies and soft talk. I am aware that some people got used to being lied to. Got used to be treated with unnecessary excessive gentleness. Luckily, I have bunch of people with whom I can be starightforward (please do not mistake straightforwardness with being rude!!!).

More to the point, I am opposite to the claim that there is nothing new in this world. I feel sorry when people do not want to notice changes. Our life is so incredibly short and beautiful. Beautiful doesn't mean happy. Sadness may be beautifull too, as well as pain and death. It might sounds crazy, but it's the way I feel. Beauty is hiding everywere. It's old/ new beauty. It's nature. It's phisics and art. It's people. And what I am saying is not idealistic talk of Flower Child. I am not stupid to think that we can live in peace, happily ever after... I do not expect perfect life. I do not expect being healthy and rich. I do not expect love until grave.

What I want to say is that what we should notice in Everyday Chaos is LIFE. Just life itself. Life as it is. Life as never-ending circle. Just that.

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